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The narrow gauge of Borjomi-Bakuriani railway, one of the popular sightseeings of the country, was built as a transport mean for tourists. This railway line connects two settlements –Borjomi and Bakuriani, which are located in the beautiful ravine of Borjomi. The region is famous for its many different mineral waters and re-creative climate.

The railway line was constructed at the end of XIX century. It was one of the most difficult construction projects due to the complicated relief of the region. The width of the rail-track is 900 mm and the length is 38 km. This section was electrified in 1966. Before that the steam locomotives were used.

The line is mainly used for passenger service. Freight traffic was transported until 1991 from the Andezit mine of Bakuriani.

The region is quite well-known for tourists due to its close location with the capital of the country, that makes it easy to plan weekend tours. The railway line is widely used by local population to travel between the two resorts. It takes 2,5 hours to travel from Bakuriani to Borjomi and back.

In winter it is a ski report; in spring and summer the climate is considered to have re-creative effect, that’s why the number of tourists in summer is also very large.

The trip by the narrow gauge makes unforgettable impression on tourists. In February, when temperature in Borjomi is + 10 grades by Celsius in sunny days, you will find yourself in the arctic snowy winter of Bakuriani after 2,5 hours’ trip.

Bakuriani represents a famous mountain ski resort. Snow here is kept almost for half of year. Its natural and climatic conditions give the region an opportunity to become one of the most famous sport and tourist centers in the world.