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Tbilisi Railway Bypass Project -Description

“Georgian Railway” LLC has launched the Tbilisi Railway Bypass Project for developing a new railway route that will bypass the central area of the city of Tbilisi.

By moving certain railway infrastructure components from the centre of Tbilisi to the northern part of the city, freight and passenger trains will no longer transit through central Tbilisi. The Municipality of Tbilisi believes that this project will provide a number of benefits, including helping to alleviate future environmental and safety concerns and, because the move will make available commercially valuable land in central Tbilisi, fostering economic improvements and job growth in the city.

The bypass railroad comprising part of the Project comprises the construction of a 30km long double track of new railway lines and the reconstruction of 10km of existing railway line bypassing Tbilisi. It will branch off the present main line at Zahesi, pass through the districts of Avchala, Gladni and the uplands north of Tbilisi Sea and join the existing Kakheti railway line near Lilo. From the junction point at Lilo towards Tbilisi, the Kakheti line will be upgraded to double track on a length of 10 km by refurbishment of the existing single track and adding a second new track. 

The railway infrastructure between the stations of “Didube” and “Navtlugi” will be dismantled, thus, in total, 73 ha area will be freed up and used for urban development. 

Tbilisi Central Station will be closed and stations “Didube” and “Navtlugi” will be renovated. “Navtlugi” station will serve passengers eastwards and “Didube” station – westwards.

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